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    There are always limits, but they are far far greater than you are using on that record.

    The GEDCOM spec sets the limit to 120 characters for each “name piece”, i.e. 120 for GIVN, plus 120 for SURN, etc. Your name aboce isn’t even half of that. The database will store far greater sizes than that and does not work strictly to the GEDCOM limit.

    You are more likely to experience display problems than storage. Names are displayed in many places, and they all have some sort of dimensional limitation.

    When I look at your Q4050 record I don’t see any problem, so unless you have changed something since you posted the question, then I don’t see a problem. That then suggests the issue is your screen size / font size / browser zoom setting etc…..

    Attached are shots of the GEDCOM raw edit screen and the INDI header on my machine.

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