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    Ah! I’m relieved – at my age, there are too often little indications that I may be losing it and it’s good to have them eliminated!

    Any opinions?

    From my point of view there are a couple of clickable items in that ‘Users’ block that really would be quite useful to have as they represent actions outstanding to be checked out and dealt with. They are ‘Unverified by User’ and ‘Unverified by Administrator’ . As you say, you can obtain this information from the full Users List, but with over 300 registered users it does take a while to work through trying to identify the few that may need attention. The other items are simply information which is not particularly volatile or vital. So if was not too complicated to turn those two numbers into lists, I think it would be worth doing. Or, if it would be much easier, perhaps highlighting in some way (bold red font?) the presence of ‘no’ in the ‘Verified’ and ‘Approved’ columns in the Full Users List. The only other item requiring admin monitoring on Users (checking on and pruning out ‘inactive’ ones) seems to be well handled.

    Ron in France
    kiwitrees 3.3.9; PHP 7.3.5