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    It would be possible, but not worthwhile in my view.

    Checking for duplicates will always be a futile exercise with poorly structured data so until you have been able to set your data up I cannot recommend you use the tool. Surely it makes more sense to tidy up what you have before entering more?

    Your comment “My edit records do not include Prince/Pricess for prime name. I added those as additional 1 NAME.” is irrelevant. ALL names are checked, not just the prime name. I think that’s a logical thing to do. But regardless of what name you put it in, it should never be a GIVN name part. It is a name prefix.

    I thought about including dates in the match, but again, data availability can be very unreliable (I just read a discussion from someone on the webtrees forum campaigning to be able to enter dates with no year – like “23 March”!!). It would also require you to add more information to the new person before you run the duplicate check, which is a waste of time if that person already exists.

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