• #4387

    OK, I can reproduce what is happing, but only by editing something on the child’s page on their F & E tab, such as a birth event.

    So the cause is simple, and I’m afraid unavoidable at the moment. The only way for the system to remember the tab you were using is by storing a temporary session variable containing the tab number. That is stored fresh each time you visit a different tab, but otherwise remains fixed for the session (i,e, until you logout or close the browser app completely. By visiting the child’s F&P tab you have reset that cookie to that new tab.

    When you close just one window, the cookie remains, so refreshing the parent’s page reads that cookie and opens at the newly stored F&P page reference.

    To confirm this do the same thing but on the Child’s new window edit their name instead. That doesn’t require changing the tab. This time after you close the saved edit that window, return to the parent and refresh. Now it will stay on the Families tab.

    There is a fairly new alternative session protocol that I will look into though. It might solve this problem, but I need to check it doesn’t just create new ones.

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