• #4376

    The charts that are full page width look better to me, even on your site, at the higher dimensions (550/200). I rate ‘readability’ higher than “way too big” 🙂

    So, I will set all themes to use 550/200.

    BUT ( I think you will like this):

    In the next release (soon now), if you want to use a standard theme, but with just a few “tweaks” you will be able to do that easily with no need to change the standard theme files.

    All you will need is to create either or both of two new files, ‘mystyle.css’ and ‘mytheme.php’ and include them in the standard theme folder of your choice. Also, inside mytheme.php you could include a reference to your own header.php and / or footer.php files. Whatever these new files contain will be used instead of the same entries in the standard files, and your files will never be replaced or deleted by an upgrade (except possibly on a MAC, I think). I will provide examples in an FAQ when the next release is ready.

    But a simple example for this statistics issue would be a mytheme.php like:

    if [!defined[‘WT_WEBTREES’]] {
    	header[‘HTTP/1.0 403 Forbidden’];
    $WT_STATS_S_CHART_X = 490;
    $WT_STATS_S_CHART_Y = 175;

    Of course you can still create a completely new theme, but this way will be better for minor ‘tweaks’.

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