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    Can it be used as a sub-menu rather than main menu, e.g. under my “about” menu?

    Interesting question. Technically it would be possible to make it a sub-menu of a standard menu item, but not of a custom one. Perhaps one day a system like WordPress that allows you to put any menu in any position might be possible, but certainly not any time soon. But to my mind it defeats the point, which for me at least was to make it a more “normal” and obvious place for visitors to find a contact page. I would find hiding it as a sub-menu less useful than the current footer links.

    Have you wondered if your menu bar has things in it that no one uses? For me that includes Reports and the Clippings cart for a start. I see you have neither for visitors, but perhaps you have a lot more for members? I wonder about Search too. I seem to find anything I want with just the header search box. I havnt removed that one yet, but I might.

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