• #4297

    No, I don’t generally recommend interim changes to your version unless done to resolve a specific issue you are actually experiencing. The reason simply being that If I’m called on to analyse someone’s problems it is easier if I know for sure what version of the software they are using. If some but perhaps not all subsequent minor mods have been made it gets hard to reproduce a comparable set up.

    The exception to my recommendation might be a security fix, but in those cases I would make a complete new release urgently for everyone to use.

    In this case the problem would be reasonably wide-spread among users, but only if the exact conditions James described are in place. Not mentioned in his report are a) you need to be logged in, and b) you need to have the display of surnames set to the default (table) format (Administration > Family trees > your family tree > Layout > Surname list style). He couldn’t reproduce it on my site as I don’t use the default display, preferring the “tag cloud” version. It is not related to the number of trees / GEDCOM files on the site.

    I will probably release ver 3.0.1 next week, so not long to wait regardless.

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