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    Their message is a red-herring. The file they tested (site-php-version.php) is never used by the current kiwitrees code (unless you have manually altered a piece of commented -out code in sessions.php, which I doubt). It is sitting there waiting until I feel it is necessary to enforce the use of PHP 5.3 or greater.

    Even then, as now, kiwitrees never sets the version of PHP it uses. It simply uses whatever version your server is configured to provide.Sorry, but you’ll need to go back to them and tell them to look harder. Blaming the web application is not only incorrect, it’s lazy.

    Kiwitrees will use any version of PHP since 5.2.17, and if you were not using a valid version you would not have been able to set it up in the first place, as it checks that your version of PHP meets that requirement. You can check the version of PHP you are really using by logging in to kiwitrees, go to administration > phpinfo. Of course, if you are using the very latest (‘bleeding edge”) version of PHP (5.6+) then it’s possible there is a problem, as it is not a platform I’ve tested yet. But it would be a very rare web host rolling that out yet.

    A problem such as you describe in your opening paragraph, and the other intermittent issues you have reported recently sound more like web browser, computer, or internet connection issues.

    EDIT: Your site opens fine for me.

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