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    Also, I found that it’s necessary to change all instances of simpl_pages to simpl_pages_1 [for instance] in module.php in the new folder simpl_Pages_1, otherwise the editor gets confused about which instance is being edited.

    Thanks for that reminder. In fact it really serves to highlight the point I made:

    … I cannot guarantee to notify users of every minor change to every module you might have customised.

    I say that because sometime ago (but after the release of the current kiwitrees 3.0.0) I amended the code so there are now NO other references to “simpl_pages” other than the first one in line (now) 30. The others are now reference’s back to whatever you set that one (and the folder name) to be. I forgot in my instructions to you that I had made the change, but that you woulld not have that version. It will be in the next release, which is not far away now.

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