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    Thanks Roy. I was bit late getting out of bed this morning ๐Ÿ™‚

    Answer 1. – spot on.
    James, I suspect you have not set the menu controls (Administration > Modules > Menus)

    Re. multiple implementations of pages, yes absolutely possible. Just a tiny piece of programming required. You can see examples on my personal site (link below). The menu items Resources, WWII Memories, and Web links are three copies of the same module. If you look at their URLs you will see ‘simple_pages’, simple_pages_1, and simpl_pages_2, though there’s nothing special about the numbering. That’s just my personal choice. They can be called anything as long as they are different. Here’s how to do it:

    1. Copy the module ‘simple_pages in the kiwitrees/modules_v3/ folder so you have a duplicate
    2. Rename it as something else
    3. In that new folder, open the file module.php look at line 30. It should start with “class simpl_pages_WT_Module”. Change the “simple_pages” part to exactly whatever you named your duplicate folder as. For example, in my case it became “class simpl_pages_1_WT_Module”
    4. While there, you can optionally change line text inside lines 38 [the module title] and line 43 [the module description]. I find this makes identifying multiple versions easier in the admin modules list.

    A couple of points to watch for:

    1. Use a decent text editor for the changes. Some, like MS Notepad can introduce hidden characters [byte order marks or BOM] that prevent the page from displaying. My personal preference is SublimeText. Notepad++ is also very good. Both are available as free downloads.
    2. Remember that at the next upgrade will not upgrade your copy module. So you will need to re-copy the new standard version, repeating the above steps. I advise you ALWAYS do this, as I cannot guarantee to notify users of every minor change to every module you might have customised.
    My personal kiwitrees site is