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    That’s extensive testing, thank you. But I am concerned (and confused) by some of the results. It seems like multiple and contradictory results. So I would like to start unravelling it by excluding the issue of watermarks just for now. Once any other issues are cleared up we can return to watermark issues.
    So please set the watermark options to no, no, no and ‘show to visitors’. This effectively turns off everything related to watermarks, making that feature completely irrelevant to any other issues.

    With those settings in place do you still have issues with all or some media items?
    If so can you :
    A) show the rest of the settings from that admin media tab, especially the top section (email it if you are concerned about revealing media paths), and
    B) show me the GEDCOM data for one media object ( the 0 @Mxxxx@ record) that is not displaying correctly.

    For this testing I am also assuming you are logged in as administrator. This ensures no other privacy complications are involved.

    My personal kiwitrees site is