• #4195

    Look in the /language/ folder an delete the file This is an old and invalid language file that should not be there.

    That should clear the error message, and hopefully the HTML block will work then. If not, what HTML variables were you testing?

    If you were following the blog suggestion that says ” Look for the field “Templates” and select “Keyword examples” from it’s drop down list” then for a tree the size of yours I wouldn’t recommend it. It loads ALL the possible variables and some of them individually take considerable resources. All of them on even a small tree will be very slow. Then at the end when or if it loads all you will see is an identical list to the one displayed on the blog page.

    So ignore point 2. of the instructions and simply select the variable(s) you want from the list displayed there.

    I’ll modify the blog/FAQ to reflect this point.

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