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    In your user account settings, do you have ‘Default user’ and ‘Individual record’ set to valid records? That could be one cause, though I suspect not in this case.

    The “Home page with widgets’ display you are seeing is actually the old “My page”. It was never a separate page in reality. It was just the Home page with a different set of blocks. Hence why everyone found it so confusing. It appears there are still some remnants of links that try to open that version of the page. It will be empty because there are now no ‘my page’ blocks to load.

    If you can reproduce this, can you give me the full URL of the page you land on. It should help me trace the incorrect link.

    Re you question about names in CAPS can you raise a separate topic so we can keep focussed on one thing at a time. I only have a simple one-track mind, as my wife is always telling me 🙂

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