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    kiwi wrote:

    There is absolutely no point in having media in both places. The ONLY place kiwitrees will look for media items is in /data/media.

    The problem lies in my ‘front-end’ scripts which still refer to the media files in their ‘old’ location. I know I must deal with this but there are rather a lot of scripts to change and I keep finding excuses for not doing it just yet! But you’re absolutely right and I shall have to attack it very soon.

    The “C:/Documents & Settings/Username/My Documents/My Images …” will have been introduced a long time ago by an unseen issue importing a GEDCOM file that used those as the file path for media objects. For some reason they were not amended to a correct relative path during the import process. My guess would be that this happened way back in PGV. The best solution now would be to delete and replace those media items and their links.

    I’m sure you’re right that it goes back to PGV days. On checking further there are actually only five items involved – from very early in my research and they all long-since ceased to exist as media files. However their Media ids M75, M76 etc still exist, so a search by media id finds an entry somewhere (in a DB table?), showing their full file name but presents the ‘file does not exist’ message. Similarly a List-Media Objects lists them but indicates ‘file does not exist’ So I need to clean those five media items out of the table. Not sure how I find it – can you please advise Nigel.

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