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    In case it’s relevant, I still have ALL modules enabled – haven’t yet started to cut out those I don’t need. I can’t think of anything else that I may be doing differently – except that i still have ALL my media files in a directory /media in addition to the ‘correct’ location – /data/media.

    There is absolutely no point in having media in both places. The ONLY place kiwitrees will look for media items is in /data/media. Anywhere else is just wasting space and a security risk. Media was moved (webtrees 1.3 something) to the /data folder because that is the ‘protected’ area of kiwitrees, which avoided the incredibly complex media-firewall system introduced into PGV.

    The “C:/Documents & Settings/Username/My Documents/My Images …” will have been introduced a long time ago by an unseen issue importing a GEDCOM file that used those as the file path for media objects. For some reason they were not amended to a correct relative path during the import process. My guess would be that this happened way back in PGV. The best solution now would be to delete and replace those media items and their links.

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