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    Just discovered that since upgrading to 3.0.0, many but not all of my media files are no longer found. Have a hunch there is some problem with the thumbnail process. All files are there, including the thumbnails.

    I don’t have a problem with any media objects either, neither on my personal site nor on kiwitrees/demo. I wouldn’t expect any issues with media anyway as ver 3.0.0 didn’t include any changes to media handling at all. Similarly this doesn’t sound like anything the watermarking process would affect.

    The situation you describe (error messages “media item not found” while media physically exist is usually caused either by an error in the path to the files (as stored in Administration > Family trees > your family tree > Media tab) or by a permissions error on one or more folders in the /data/media folder.

    One solution worth trying would be to export your data (Administration > Family trees > Manage family trees > Export) then immediately re-import that same file.

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