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    Some great thoughts coming here. Thanks for the input.

    But on a general point here, I must try to discourage you from trying to modify too much to cater for smartphone and [at least mini-] tablet use, when they would seem such inappropriate devices for anything more than a very brief consultation of a kiwitrees site.

    I totally agree with this. IF a mobile solution is required (a very big if) then a custom made app rather than a complicated adoption of a desktop product is the way to go. Much as I hate to say it, have done this well. Their family tree app works well enough on a smartphone, by having only a very limited range of functions available compared to the desktop version. It is a purpose designed app that has very little in common with the desktop version other than the underlying data.

    However, I do use an ipad myself extensively these days, and do want to make menus just a little easier to use. Roy also makes a good point that touch-screen devices in general, rather than smartphone / tablet devices are growing in popularity.

    Working through the issues I actually think there is an “option 4 – use a different type of menu for smaller screen sizes” not mentioned in my earlier list. It was alluded to by ‘macalter’ in her comment “And you certainly don’t want to code “if device = A, then do that, if it equals B, then do this etc, that would be a nightmare.“. It actually, just for menus, doesn’t need to be a nightmare.

    Have a look at my site on some other devices and see what you think of the solution now employed there (see also image attached here). It’s is not yet well polished, but does help. I have also actioned option 3 as well.

    My personal kiwitrees site is