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    I don’t have a problem with this the way it is. I use only on a conventional desk top with non-tactile screen, or when travelling on a conventional laptop with non-tactile screen so I may be becoming atypical, but I am used to the hover, then select from drop-down list approach, and like it. None of my users has raised it as an issue or suggested changing so I would favour Option 1.

    However, out of interest, as you mentioned smartphones, I just tried accessing my site on my Windows Phone (a large Nokia Lumia with 15cm dia screen – it’s really a ‘phablet’ just about the largest size screen for a smartphone, like the top of the range Samsung). Frankly I can’t imagine anyone seriously trying to do much on a webtrees/kiwitrees site with such a device, let alone with a smaller smartphone and I don’t think much effort should be expended on catering for that usage … BUT … for information, IE on Windows Phone (currently the only browser available on Windows Phone) does not seem to handle the menus as you have described for Android or i-Phone, but as follows:

    – touching a menu icon does nothing
    – touching it twice only changes the size (zooms in or out)
    – holding the finger on the icon has the effect of a hover (produces the drop-down list)

    I should add that on menu items like Charts, where there are 13 items in the drop-down list, the list has to be expanded to maximum size (even on the max size smartphone display) before the menu items are large enough to be correctly touched to select, which I found really cumbersome.

    But on a general point here, I must try to discourage you from trying to modify too much to cater for smartphone and (at least mini-) tablet use, when they would seem such inappropriate devices for anything more than a very brief consultation of a kiwitrees site. The result could be to the detriment of the ‘normal’ PC user. For a good example of how this can go seriously wrong, you only have to look at Microsoft’s Windows Mail client under Windows 8 which has been designed to work on all devices, apparently with an emphasis on small touch-screens ( on a decent-sized desktop system, the display is ludicrous – huge fonts and extra-large, wasteful spacing between lines over which the user has no control, resulting in frustrating amounts of scrolling – simply to ensure that it is legible on the smallest screen devices which can run Windows!).

    Ron in France Website: kiwitrees 3.3.11; PHP 8.0.14