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    In principle, I agree Roy. I’m also keen on keeping things simple; but also – particularly for the occasional user – intuitive.

    I have many users who seem to be very active on the website for relatively short periods, then disappear, returning again to be briefly active a month or two later, etc. For users like that, each time they return to the site, the more features which are unique to that site the more difficult it is for them to become immediately effective. For them, I would have thought, seeing the word ‘favourites’ as soon as they log into the site, either as a top menu item or in the drop-down menu under their name (My account, my pedigree, … my favourites ..) would be far more logical than having to remember the widget – quick link – favourite icon route). I also think the concept of ‘site-favourites’ or ‘tree-favourites’ (i.e. a set of entry points decided by the administrator as likely ‘favourites’ for everyone) tends to conflict with the traditional, and therefore intuitive use of the term which is essentially a personal-level set of preferences, and using the term in this context could even be misleading, so I would see it as less desirable to retain than the user’s personally determined favourites.

    From a personal point of view I would welcome – as would probably my relatively few users who have editor-access and who make regular and substantial contributions to the database – an easy-to-add, easy-to-change quick link ‘entry point’ to where I left off or where I frequently or currently work, and this could be as simple as individual name and birth-death dates (with all my common Welsh names the dates are essential!) – no need for photos or other details.But perhaps best to avoid the use of the term ‘favourites’ for this.

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