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    My test member id has ‘member’ access level.

    Thanks Ron, that’s helpful information.

    I won’t answer this fully right now, as it’s getting late on Sunday evening.

    However I have confirmed that there is a bug(s). In setting up the widgets I created a replacement for the “user_favorites” module, calling it “widget_favorites”. Unfortunately in a number of places the system is hard coded to use “user_favorites” 🙁 Easily fixed though. This should re-instate the missing functionality, including a couple you probably haven’t yet noticed 🙂

    I’ll answer your ‘how to’ questions tomorrow. Suffice it to say for now that you are on the right track for some but not others.

    But meanwhile can I also get some feedback in general to my suggestion:

    I hope to expand the functionality of the new “Quick links” widget so that links to anything can be easily added or removed and a choice of icon for each included. I would personally like this as it allows temporary quick access to parts of the family tree I might be currently working on for a period of time. But links to individuals would be just that, links, with no detail displayed except perhaps name and birth/death date.

    I see this (possibly) as an alternative to “user favourites”, providing instead a broader option to add “quick links” to anything.

    My personal kiwitrees site is