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    My test member id has ‘member’ access level.

    As for site-wide versus personal user favourites, most of my users tend to fall into one of four distinct ancestor groups so it would be difficult to establish ‘site-wide favourites’ which were not 75% irrelevant to most of them, whereas I know that a number of them (myself included!) use personal favourites as a convenient way in to a number of frequently accessed ancestors.

    Perhaps I have misunderstood the difference between the two. Please clarify, in kiwitrees (3.0.0):

    1. How/where should I set up ‘site-wide’ favourites (or should that be ‘tree-wide’ favourites?)
    2. How/where should users set up personal user favourites
    3. Am I right in assuming that personal user favourites are referred to by the ‘Favourites’ widget and that ‘site-wide’ favourites are referred to by the ‘Favourites’ menu item at top right, next to ‘Login’ (on webtrees theme)?

    Nigel is used to my dumb questions from the past – hopefully others will tolerate!

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