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    I was surprised to see, when logging in as my test member,

    Before I look too far into this, can you confirm what access level your test member has.

    I think there may be multiple issues here. It is possible (I haven’t been able to check yet) that the move from ‘My page’ to widget has broken the user-setting. Perhaps as simple as the different module name.

    But it is also important to understand the difference between, as Roy points out, site-wide and personal (user) favourites.

    I think it is also worth asking if the concept of “user favourites” is really valid with the widget bar concept. Is it an important feature? The site-wide favourites can be found from the very top menu item (if you use it).

    Also, I hope to expand the functionality of the new “Quick links” widget so that links to anything can be easily added or removed and a choice of icon for each included. I would personally like this as it allows temporary quick access to parts of the family tree I might be currently working on for a period of time. But links to individuals would be just that, links, with no detail displayed except perhaps name and birth/death date.

    My personal kiwitrees site is