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    I understand the dilemma as mobile devices become much more common. I do like hover, probably because it’s what I expect will happen happens. As you mention they work on Apple devices and to see, I tried viewing on my iPad. However, I’ve been on sites where hover doesn’t work and it’s frustrating. The iPad version of Safari isn’t like using the desktop version so I feel helpless.

    That said, not sure I want hover abandoned. And you certainly don’t want to code “if device = A, then do that, if it equals B, then do this etc, that would be a nightmare. Akin to programming workarounds for MSIE (does that still exist?)

    Usually when hover presents a drop down menu, I’ve programmed the click on the button to do nothing. In other words, you must select one of the submenus. Only where there wasn’t one, like HOME. So would concur with your option 3.

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