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    Your objectives make no sense to me I’m afraid.

    1 – “*no login for visitors; just admin (I already have login block show to visitors)” The part in brackets seems to contradict the first part. You are NOT currently showing a login block on the home page, neither are you displaying a Login menu item, so NO-ONE can login (not even you) without manually entering /login.php after the url.

    2 – “both living and dead people available to everyone” – surely not??? That means you have no privacy settings at all. Almost certainly illegal in every jurisdiction in the world. But if you want this, then just disable privacy.

    I realise you are playing with an “unimportant tree”, but surely that’s no reason to ignore privacy concerns, even if its only so that you learn how to use them.

    On your front page you have a statement telling viewers not to request a registration. That is not necessary. In Administration > Site administration set “Allow visitors to request account registration” to NO. Then they can’t register, and won’t see a “Request new user account” option anywhere, so the statement becomes superfluous.

    May I suggest that you think about how you would prefer your “real” site to be displayed, write those objectives down so they are clear, and use your test site and Royals data to experiment with settings that would achieve that.

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