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    The danish support are primary at facebook and I did made some “how to do” pdf files! I will make a read me file for the module. And I can make it in danish too! If you just edit the language for proper english then the 2 read_me files can be enclosed in the module! Better solution imo (something can also happens to me and then what? :) )

    That’s fine. I will add the Danish readme file to the module for you, but not the English one. That I will maintain on this site’s FAQ pages. There will be a link to that from inside the module, as there is with a couple of others.

    Can I suggest you send me only the English file first, in case I need to make changes before you do the Danish version (although I’m sure you will start in Danish – I would if I were you 🙂 ).

    My personal kiwitrees site is