• #4053

    Simpl pages module:

    Renaming the module to page_module (or something else – should not be named simpl any more since it is in the core code)

    Same goes for simpl_privacy and simpl_research

    Yes, I understand the logic for that. I can and will do it for simpl_privacy.

    But for any module that stores any settings (simpl pages, simpl_research) it is not so easy. It is not a change of name, it is a completely new module. For simple_privacy it is easy. I can create the new module, and the upgrade process can delete the old folder where your server permits that. But then in some cases the old module will remain.

    But I should not delete modules like simpl pages, simpl_research in an upgrade because it will delete all the settings. So the alternative is a new module, new name, and ask you to re-do all your settings then delete the old module. Some will do that, some won’t. Those that don’t will end up in time with out-of-date, non-maintained modules causing bugs in their system.

    For major changes (like simpl_menu) I feel that is acceptable, but just for a change of module name it sounds like to much to ask everyone to do. But, if its everyone’s preference I’m happy to reconsider. The names mean very little to me.

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