• #3883

    Yes, that identifies two issues:

    1. There is an error in the en_GB translation. It should say “No content”. You will see that if you switch to US or Australian languages. I’ve corrected it for the next release.
    2. You have not used the module correctly (or I haven’t made it clear enough in the Help texts). There are two parts to the data entry screen: “Summary” and “Pages”. The only purpose of the summary is to provide an overall description should you want or intend to have multiple pages under the same menu. In such cases each page will have a separate tab within that summary page [see: where there is a brief summary plus four pages below.

    So in your case, wanting a single page:

    1. On the Summary tab add a title (“About”) for menu use, but put nothing in the Summary page description area
    2. Go to the Pages tab, add a page, title it “About”, and add your content.
    3. Make sure the access level = “Visitors”, and don’t tick any languages

    The module will see there is only one page and and not create any tabs.

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