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    Nice โ€“ that part is new? Can not remember I have seen it! But how to add images from data/media ? (can only see upload)

    Not easily possible using that feature because the kiwitrees media folders are (for good reasons) fully protected. That is why I added the “uploads” folder – to allow for the use of images that do not require protection / privacy.

    However what you could do is use the feature to set up the slide show with images from uploads, then edit the raw text and replace the image source code with mediaviewer links (as described in )

    But you should think very carefully before doing that. The Home page is public – so there is no privacy checking for images displayed there using a slideshow. I can’t recommend that.

    I should also add that all of the above relates to the slideshow displayed on the kiwitrees demo site ( ) The one on my personal site ( ) is a completely different solution. I wanted to display HTML content within the slides, including kiwitrees blocks. That is much more complex. It uses a jQuery slideshow from here: You can use that if you want, but you’ll need to do your own coding. That site has good installation instructions and helpful support. I added the one in CKEditor to make life simpler for you, so I don’t have to teach coding to users ๐Ÿ™‚

    My personal kiwitrees site is