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    I think my biggest gripe with Google Maps is the “ribbon earth” of the Top Level settings where we see two Asia and two Africa. It’s a pity it could not kick off with something like….

    Yes, I couldn’t agree more. I spent far too long experimenting with zoom levels and height: width ratios but none of them made the slightest difference. At least this version fills the area completely. The old version, on my data always had black bars top and bottom.

    The problem is caused by the number and location of markers. I have seen other kiwitrees sites where the top level has perhaps only 6 or 7 top level countries, and those all in (say) Europe. In that case the top level looks far better. But as you can see, my family (in the broadest sense) are really spread far and wide.

    If you zoom one step closer, as in the image you attached you actually end up chopping off Alaska and a bunch of tine Pacific Islands. So it seems ideally we would need a 1.5 zoom option! But Google (AFAIK) don’t allow for that.

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