• #3808

    I have had a look at that site.

    The issue is that you have a LOT of modules that are not enabled, including some that the “Default” blocks are trying to load. You also have some key menu modules not enabled, so you have, for example, no languages or admin page links. To get to the admin page I needed to manually add “admin.php” to your URL.

    So you need to go to Administration > Modules > Mange modules . There I recommend for now that you enable ALL modules. That will get everything working. you can disable some later if you prefer, but wait until you have sorted out the layout of your menus and the widget bar first.

    BUT – on the subject of setting “Default blocks”. Do you realise that this option ONLY sets them for NEW family trees. It does not change the blocks for any existing family trees. Those need to be set by using the link “Change the blocks on this page” on the Home page.

    ALSO – on your Home page you currently have a pedigree chart in the lower-right small block. This doesn’t really work. I pedigree chart can never fit a small block like that. It is no different to putting it in the small right-side blocks on other themes.

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