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    Did read the materials but only had turned off what were usually/previously been add-on modules.

    This is really an impressive upgrade and you obviously put in many hours of work. Have had a some time to briefly explore the changes and they are very effective. I was uncomfortable about the loss of the Mypage but the widget concept is an effective replacement. I really like it and now have to get my users up to speed using it, Administrators will definitely have to take some time to understand the many configuration possibilities. Using my local wamp setup, I am not sure but 3.0 seems much faster too. Another nice change; the new Tree View is going to be a great replacement for at least one report.

    On this set up, I did have a couple errors when doing some configuration changes but the blocks/modules themselves are working perfectly. Some widget configuration changes didn’t seem to take either. I will explore those things later when I get home and work with my live site. Looking forward to that and springing this on my users.

    Really great job!! Thanks for all the hard work.



    Apache 2.4.27  PHP 7.19 MariaDB 10.2.8