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    I’ve tested my theory, and can confirm. If you have this in your GEDCOM:

    2 PLAC sometown, somestate,

    You will get the error you have. Note the comma on the end of the line that should not be there. The line should, of course, be

    2 PLAC sometown, somestate, somecountry

    or at least (but less desirable)

    2 PLAC sometown, somestate

    Either way, the key is not having a comma at the end. You can have them in the middle, like

    2 PLAC sometown, , somecountry

    though I never do.

    To find and fix this go to Admin -> Batch Update -> Search & Replace. Set the “Search method” to “Regular expression” and enter this in the “Search text/pattern” field:
    2 PLAC [.*],$

    This is a regex to find any line that begins “2 PLAC”, then has anything at all, and ends in a comma. Click outside the “Search text/pattern” field and wait for the error to be found. No need to enter anything anywhere else. When the error appears you will see what record you need to go to and fix the data problem.

    If you also get a click-able “Next” button, then you know you have more similar issues to fix, otherwise it is a single problem.

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