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    Hi, and Happy New Year to you too. ๐Ÿ™‚

    I have taken some time off (The whole of January) from other projects so as to focus on getting 3.0.0 release. I am aiming to have it done in that time.

    Regarding OCCU, I guess ultimately it is simply your personal choice. But for what it is worth I think the answer is you add it per person. My reasoning is that a “family business” is not an OCCUpation. It is a business, or a legal entity. If in doubt I always refer back to the GEDCOM standard definitions and usage. That gives two definitions of OCCU:

    The kind of activity that an individual does for a job, profession, or principal activity

    The type of work or profession of an individual

    Both say much the same, and importantly describe it as a kind of or type of activity rather than where or who they work for.

    The full structure includes the sub-tag AGNC (agency) That is where you would normally add the name of the business they were employed in to carry out their occupation. That is where I would enter the name of the family business.

    To give a more factual example, John Smith might have an OCCU of “Carpenter”, with an AGNC of “J Smith & Sons, Carpenters”.

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