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    Mac, you originally said:

    I have a record with image highlight set to yes. I add a new image which I want to override the highlight. Is there a way of tripping the current yes to no when I add the new one and save it as yes? This saves having to open the current highlight image and setting to no then adding the new image that will be yes.

    Occurrences are usually when adding an early childhood/marriage image initially, then as they mature and there’s an image of the person for their occupation, wedding, death which I’d like to change highlight to.

    I suspect that what has happened now is as described in item 3.1 of the list on this page (I assume you have read that?)

    What that means, and the emphasis there should be on the words “the first media object”, is that when there are two identical highlight settings then the first one found in the GEDCOM data will be the one used.
    The trouble with that is that it can be a bit hit & miss as to which that is. You could be lucky, as it sounds like you have been, or you could force it by manually editing the raw GEDCOM data.

    But you would be wrong to assume that assigning a second ‘yes’ removes the previous one. It doesn’t. It just means one gets used before the other.

    So to go back to your original question…. No, I don’t think what you describe would be possible. The reason being that media can be used / attached to multiple records (two INDIS, a FAM and an INDI etc…) so such an automated change would have consequences elsewhere that you might miss.

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