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    No I’m afraid I can’t. 5.6 is still far too new to consider for a stable product like kiwitrees. 5.6 was only released in August this year. I won’t be doing any testing on that for probably 12 months. One of the reasons for abandoning webtrees was to avoid forcing users to upgrade PHP too soon.

    I have fixed a couple of minor issues to allow kiwitrees to work ok with PHP 5.5 but that’s as far as I will be going for now. I am not aware of any important benefits from upgrading to 5.6, or 5.5 for that matter.

    Of course if you find any issues and care to tell me what needs changing, and that those changes do not prevent users of PHP 5.3 from still using kiwitrees then I will be happy to include them.

    If you have found an incompatibility between php5.6 and Zend, then that is another reason not to upgrade. I would wait until Zend publish an update to fix whatever problem that might be. I will never modify Zend files in the kiwitrees package except by using a completely new version.

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