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    I did the remove & re-add routine for all the errors from within kiwitrees to resolve. The exported file, imported into GEDitCOM found no link problems, just two syntax errors (3 TYPE and a 5 CONT after a 3 CONT) which I fixed too.

    Noticed many but not all, were records that I had added ASSO tags to the family record (marriage for example).

    Am just doing updated export as clean. I add the date to file so that if I run export again, I don’t accidentally overwrite (which is I assume why you said not to store in data folder). I then download to local drive as grandfather backups.

    (I knew there wasn’t kiwitrees coding problem as you said, others would have found problems too. Just couldn’t figure out why so many showed up “all of a sudden”.

    Read about proposed 3.0 release. Interesting things coming.

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