• #3590

    I can’t agree with your results I’m afraid.

    Also, the error message is clearly ONLY related to NOTES. The error message refers to “Fatal error: Cannot use string offset as an array in /../webtrees/includes/functions/functions_print_facts.php on line 950” That part of the code only deals with the display of notes.

    In my testing, having multiple restrictions (global plus fact level) does not matter. That is also what the code tells me. Restrictions are only read in a hierarchy – first look at fact level. If restriction is found use that and ignore all others. That is necessary to allow you to set a global level, then over-ride it at a higher level for a specific fact.

    But if you add two notes to any fact (not just research task) AND add a local (fact) restriction then you will generate the error.
    The error does not happen if there is ONLY a global restriction, nor if there is no global restriction.

    So in summary, the error occurs for any fact that has two or more notes, and a local (fact level) restriction.

    I will add this to the bug list and fix it when and if I can.

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