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    You are correct to list these as two (or more) separate issues.

    1 – Not translating the TYPE “foster”. (on the left of your image) It is not translated because it does not exist in kiwitrees as a tag. So there is nothing to translate. The TYPE field for any record (birth, marriage, event, fact, etc) is a free-text field that you can enter whatever you want in to. For that reason we can never offer a translation. To fix this we would need to change two things
    a) set a fixed method of recording these things. Currently I record “fostered” as an event like:
    1 EVEN
    2 TYPE Fostered
    2 PLAC Tonbridge, Kent, England
    2 SOUR @S21@
    2 DATE ABT 1922

    But it looks like you are using “Foster”, or perhaps “foster”. I wonder which would be correct? Who should decide? We would need to have a limited range of “Types” for each record (marriage types, pedigree types, name types etc…..), and not allow any others to be used. We would also need to check the GEDCOM specification regarding this.

    2 – Not translating the “Family with foster parents”. (on the right of your image) That is working OK on my site, even in Danish (see attached). Check you language file for the phrase.

    3 – Not referring to “foster mother, foster sister” etc That’s a difficult one. I have some memory of similar discussion in the past. I think there was some debate over whether they are terms commonly used in such families. Perhaps it varies by language or culture? I know my own mother had a fostered sister, but she was never called anything other than a sister. Happy to see more debate about this one though.

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