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    I wanted to set the default blocks for new users. I had picked HTML, Statistics, On This Day… and Upcoming. What I wanted to do is modify the Statistics as I don’t want some of the times present.

    You can’t do that. You can set the default blocks for new users, but not any of the settings for that block. That’s because it remains up to the user what settings they want. You would have to modify code to achieve that.
    You could go to each new user’s account after it is set up and change them, but then you still don’t know if a user changes it again later.

    Hopefully, at the next release the option for individual user blocks will be gone anyway. There will just be one set you can create for a family tree.

    I also noticed it took several attempts to masquerade as the user. I wanted to modify SueSmith but got JohnDoe, below her. Was asked if I wanted to be SueSmith though.

    That doesn’t make a lot of sense to me I’m afraid. If you use the masquerade icon beside a user you get to masqerade as that user. Its pretty straightforward, and works every time for me. Why do you even have a “JohnDoe”?

    Also saw that after doing the masquerade, the Last Logged In date changed to today. So, that becomes misleading to me as I then couldn’t tell when the actual user first logs in.

    Yes, that’s true, and I agree not ideal. But I doubt I can change that easily. Once you “masquerade’ you effectively become that user in all respects.

    However, I didn’t know how to “exit” once finished. Ended up having to logout which meant I was logged out not only from user account but me as Admin.

    That’s correct. The only way back is to logout. and logout means just that. So yes, you are totally logged out and must log back in as yourself.

    The masquerade option is a simple, low-stress occasional-use tool. Not worthy of complicated programming, IMHO.

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