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    OK, great. Just follow these steps very carefully.

    • Unzip the attached file to get “en_US.php”.
    • Create a new folder as a subfolder of kiwitrees/data/ on your server, call it “language”, and put this file in there.

      [So it is at: “kiwitrees/data/language/en_US.php”]

    • In kiwitrees go to Administration > Clean up data folder.
    • Tick “cache” and then ‘Delete”.
    • Now go back to the front end of your site [any page as long as it has dates on it] and refresh the page.
    • Your should now see dates in the form “2014 Jan 09”

    US language file is “F j, Y” is probably why I never figured out the format. I’m accustom to customizing with using D or M or Y variations.

    D, M, Y are valid, but there are MANY more options. For what you need it’s actually “Y M d”. The full list of options is at

    You can modify the attached file to display any of those variables. Just make sure you only change the second part of the array, not the first, and always leave the “%” signs in place. Once you change the file repeat the “delete cache” step described above every time, otherwise you’ll need to wait at leasta couple of hours before it clears itself automatically. All language strings are held in cache to speed up the system.

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