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    I would have thought that input 2014-01-21 would display as 2014 January 21 by default unless custom file overrides.

    Definitely not. As I said, the display setting for the US language file is “F j, Y” which means “January 21, 2014”

    I would have assumed that ISO applying to Gregorian would have no bearing on any other calendar because you select the calendars separately. So, my using Gregorian ISO date wouldn’t impact using the Hebrew calendar I have turned on too. Does the Hebrew calendar version follow whatever rules dictate for display of Hebrew dates? (Hebrew for example, substitute the others)

    That is correct, But there must still always be translation from GEDCOM format (for display purposes) to each ther calendar. SO we would have to write one for GEDCOM to ISO. That’s easy for post 1875 dates (that’s the base year for ISO) but far messier when you get to earlier dates, especially BC dates.

    Would appreciate knowing how to change my date format, SVP.

    Happy to help with that. But you need to confirm, do you mean you want to display:
    2014 Jan 09
    2014 Jan 9

    The code for 9 vs 09 is different.

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