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    I would have thought that input 2014-01-21 would display as 2014 January 21 by default unless custom file overrides. I flunked doing the custom file way back with PGV and never tried again. Would like to modify to 2014 Jan 25.

    I would have assumed that ISO applying to Gregorian would have no bearing on any other calendar because you select the calendars separately. So, my using Gregorian ISO date wouldn’t impact using the Hebrew calendar I have turned on too. Does the Hebrew calendar version follow whatever rules dictate for display of Hebrew dates? (Hebrew for example, substitute the others)

    The “display mode” is set by a language variable>>> So I discovered that it’s not reading my OS date when I did modify OS. I was worried it would, after all, not had reason to play with my OS date since I set in 4 years ago. But, OpenOffice does use it or at least I think it does.

    Would appreciate knowing how to change my date format, SVP.

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