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    Rest assure, I’m not using Google!

    Library and Archives Canada has online census to 1911. They gave 1921 with images. A comment made by one LAC guy was that they got first rights in exchange for doing the microfilming. didn’t ask/get permission for the microfilm so only provide summary info.

    The LAC has the “originals”. The other two use the same data to help make it easier to trace it back to LAC by name (ie: if the name JOHN DOE is misspelled a JON DOW, they too misspell it). The “summary” (not sure what to call it) info that is given varies between the three. LAC provides more citation info than info about the person; Ancestry and FamilYSearch provide listing of other members in household also in census. LAC makes no reference whatsoever of others in their “summary”.

    While all should be at LAC, I don’t always find them, even though I find record at FamilySearch. And vice-versa.

    (“summary” is the info you see as part of the search result. Hover over View Details in Ancestry and you see a summary of what’s actually in the census.)

    With the US Census, I’m finding them at FamilySearch or (only 1880 & 1940 are free). Some are at paid sites via FS in which case I only have the “summary” details and no image.

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