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    file /library/WT/Gedcom/Tag.php >>> I never knew this file existed let alone how to modify. And, wouldn’t do such without asking as I know nothing about PHP.

    // Definitions for Object, File, Format, Types

    private static $OBJE_FILE_FORM_TYPE=array(
    ‘audio’, ‘book’, ‘card’, ‘certificate’, ‘coat’, ‘document’, ‘electronic’,
    ‘fiche’, ‘film’, ‘magazine’, ‘manuscript’, ‘map’, ‘newspaper’, ‘photo’,
    ‘tombstone’, ‘video’, ‘painting’, ‘other’,
    // Translate the value for 1 FILE/2 FORM/3 TYPE
    public static function getFileFormTypeValue($type) {
    switch (strtolower($type)) {
    case ‘audio’: return WT_I18N::translate(‘Audio’);
    case ‘book’: return WT_I18N::translate(‘Book’);
    case ‘card’: return WT_I18N::translate(‘Card’);
    case ‘certificate’: return WT_I18N::translate(‘Certificate’);
    case ‘coat’: return WT_I18N::translate(‘Coat of Arms’);
    case ‘document’: return WT_I18N::translate(‘Document’);
    case ‘electronic’: return WT_I18N::translate(‘Electronic’);
    case ‘fiche’: return WT_I18N::translate(‘Microfiche’);
    case ‘film’: return WT_I18N::translate(‘Microfilm’);
    case ‘magazine’: return WT_I18N::translate(‘Magazine’);
    case ‘manuscript’: return WT_I18N::translate(‘Manuscript’);
    case ‘map’: return WT_I18N::translate(‘Map’);
    case ‘newspaper’: return WT_I18N::translate(‘Newspaper’);
    case ‘photo’: return WT_I18N::translate(‘Photo’);
    case ‘tombstone’: return WT_I18N::translate(‘Tombstone’);
    case ‘video’: return WT_I18N::translate(‘Video’);
    case ‘painting’: return WT_I18N::translate(‘Painting’);
    default: return WT_I18N::translate(‘Other’);

    // A list of all possible values for 1 FILE/2 FORM/3 TYPE
    public static function getFileFormTypes() {
    foreach (self::$OBJE_FILE_FORM_TYPE as $type) {
    uasort($values, ‘utf8_strcasecmp’);
    return $values;
    They are translatable texts, so is your language file missing these? Although normally that would simply result in them appearing in the default en_US language.
    I only have the default files for languages, paired down to;;;

    Have you used a custom language file to force items such as “document’ to translate as something else?
    as above – never touched.

    ----- [updated: 31Aug2023]

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