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    some had Level 3 tags before Level 2 tags; the one I couldn’t figure out was the Adoption one >>> things looked ugly 🙂 but mostly because the errors are shown in red, making the obvious even more so.

    I tried using (just to amuse myself) a demo of Family Tree Maker. That’s the one that did the date checking. The only problem is it’s not in “real time”, it’s static report. So, any changes made are only to print out the report, not to correct the problems. There is a button to view the record in question but then you have to generate the report again.
    It had an option for Research assistant so, thinking back to PGV days, clicked the button. YIKES! It starting going through (until I forced quit) my 6000+ families asking if I knew the date of marriage and if they had no children, why not. Well, not quite that direct but did ask for the name of the first born. In some respects, it means if you forgot to enter them*, here’s a prompt but really, it was taking ages!!
    (* I have lots where I didn’t enter the kids, just have them as a research note for now but had no intention of taking the time it would have taken to enter at least one for every family in question).

    Am now playing with one called MyBlood. The layout is like Reunion in that it presents family view: MALE | FEMALE. Above are the respective parents, below are the children of the union, if any.

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