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    Ah, I thought that GEDitCOM was using the term serious ๐Ÿ™‚

    01 SEPT 1900 – yes kiwitrees does try hard to interpret what you really meant. Not hard to convert SEPT to SEP. Also, in case you wondered, we don’t physically change the entry, not want ing to assume anything / change things you are not aware of. One day I woulld like to have a way to report on this type of eror though. Perhaps I’ll put it on the “wishlist”[/url].

    11 CHAN – Kiwitrees will completely ignore this tag.

    Neither of the above would have any impact on the Family tab.

    some had Level 3 tags before Level 2 tags; the one I couldn’t figure out was the Adoption one

    I haven’t tested this one, but it is possible it could effect things, though more likely to simply ignore the level 3 tag.

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