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    I’m using the term “serious” maybe “obvious” was more appropriate. In any case, while kiwiTrees didn’t go bonkers, .GEDitCOM checks upon importing. Not sure if the error check would have caught them. Because, to me, the errors were so obvious but couldn’t be caught if I had no reason to look at the raw GEDCOM code for the record. Or, more correctly, catch the problem when I was. The date check I did in another offline genealogy application I played with. Lots of 01 SEPT 1900 where it wanted SEP — only a problem in that app as it’s not flexible. I had lots of BETW instead of BET — again, carried over from 2007 import but never caught.

    11 CHAN >> the extra 1 caught from tag above; some had Level 3 tags before Level 2 tags; the one I couldn’t figure out was the Adoption one (I had the child adopted by the feather) but as it was only one record and couldn’t remember the other adoptees I had done correctly, just removed the extra tag.

    This is just a guess that these contributed to the problem. I’m guessing that I’ll know for sure when you release next upgrade and all kiwiTrees files get replaced. Meaning it was me, not kiwiTrees, as I’m suspecting.

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