• #3479

    Was playing with GEDitCOM and upon import of my latest GEDCOM file, found a number of “serious” coding errors (caused by me at some point). The date errors I mostly corrected too but others need addressing. These, I believe, don’t cause problems as webTrees either ignores or displays.

    All fixed concurrently in GEDitCOM and manually in kiwiTrees. But made me thing that it may have been cause for not getting to family tab (dirty GEDCOM coding). It’s sporadic so will see if it pops up again now that I fixed all the problems.

    [updated: 06 Mar 2021]
    MacOS: 10.15.7  (Catalina)
    Safari  14.0.03;  Firefox85.0.2
    PHP 7.4 FastCGI

    Alter-Drukarsh connections... 3.3.8 <private>
    The Royals 3.3.8<
    The Gerrer Rebbes 3.3.8 <>