• #3478

    Tend to agree with no user option change of theme with the exception of having option of one that is always for visually impaired. I’ve visited sites that are fantastic to look at but can’t read the data so if I didn’t have option of at least one other theme, I’d have real problems.

    “No user option” relates to everyone registered on your site except you. You as admin will always have the ability to use different themes, but only by changing them in the admin area.

    Regarding a theme for visually impaired use. I hope the updated kiwitrees theme (see ) will replace minimal in that regard.

    I like the event/fact icons having collected my own over the years that I “drop in” with an upgrade. Don’t remove!!!

    These can be used in any theme. You just need to add the icons, using the same folder structure as in Xenea, then enable them in admin.

    My personal kiwitrees site is