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    If you are pulling the info from census documents, I personally would recommend simply documenting the residence at the time as a residence or census event. I would save the use of emigration/immigration events until you have source data relevant o the actual emigration/immigration event. Again, personally I always use emigration/immigration events in pairs.

    I have been doing genealogy stuff for many years, probably 30 or so, but this is still a matter of preference.

    However you choose to do this, be consistent! I have seen some big messes when a consistent practice isn’t followed.

    I would agree with that, I only diverge over “…always use emigration/immigration events in pairs…”, though I agree it is best practice. I tend to try but if I only have positive data to support one of them I only use that one. I don’t like undated events if I can avoid them, although you can always use the BEF and AFT dates for the other if you do want to use both. Logically you can’t really have one without the other (can’t arrive somewhere if you didn’t leave somewhere else). I guess the over-arching philosophy I use is to ask myself whether the entry adds anything useful to the overall record. If it is just there “because it should be” and actually contains no hard fact, I generally don’t bother.

    But I 200% agree with the need for consistency 🙂 I would rather be consistently wrong than inconsistent!

    I don’t generally use the RESI tag if I have a CENS (or any other) tag for the same date. I don’t feel a need for both as the address is part of the CENS event, unless of course the persons residence was not where they appeared on the census because they were visiting somewhere else on that one specific day. A rare but occasional occurrence.

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